ControlTek Partners with Maxtec to Meet Global Demand for Critical Care Oxygen Analyzers


ControlTek Partners with Maxtec

As a supplier of medical electronics, ControlTek is working closely with medical customers to quickly ramp up production of critical care medical devices.

Maxtec Oxygen Analyzers

ControlTek's partner and essential business, Maxtec, is one of just a few U.S. makers of medical oxygen sensors and oxygen analyzers used in hospitals around the globe. Maxtec has been a leader in oxygen analysis and delivery for over 20 years.

Maxtec products are used in medical equipment that plays a direct role in the battle against COVID-19. The company’s oxygen sensors are sold individually and are also used in Maxtec’s other product lines including their oxygen analyzers. In addition, medical OEMs use Maxtec sensors and analyzers in ventilators and other products where oxygen analysis is needed. 

A message from Maxtec: "We're all in this together"

Accurate oxygen analysis is crucial for proper medical care. Just like other medicines, oxygen is a drug prescribed by doctors to save lives and it is crucial that the correct amount is delivered to the patient. Too much or too little oxygen can create conditions for patients that are dangerous or even deadly. Maxtec believes strongly that oxygen delivery should always be measured to ensure the correct, prescribed level of oxygen is dispensed.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world, Maxtec saw a huge spike in demand for its products across the globe, from Europe, Asia, and South America as well as across the United States. 

With such a massive need, it was crucial that Maxtec’s electronics partner have the expertise, capacity, and supply chain infrastructure in place to quickly source components and increase assembly of the electronics used in Maxtec devices. Maxtec and ControlTek have worked together for many years. This long standing relationship and mutual trust meant that the two companies could move quickly to make strategic sourcing decisions and ramp up production to meet the increase in demand.

The Result

Maxtec products are used in life-saving products around the world. With assistance from manufacturing partners like ControlTek, Maxtec continues to make strides to meet soaring demand and ensure these products are available for those who need them.    

In addition to assisting current customers, ControlTek is also offering help for EMS companies during the crisis, whether they need help bringing on additional capacity to meet urgent demand for medical products or finding new sourcing solutions for hard to find components.

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