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Dennis Frey Joins ControlTek as New Engineering Business Manager

Engineering Business Manager Dennis Frey

The new Engineering Business Manager role will be focused on building relationships with customers and interacting with internal teams to ensure electronic design projects meet ControlTek’s high standards for quality and on-time delivery.

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Choosing a Manufacturer with In-house Design: Do or Don’t?

ControlTek production floor

Ever wondered if it really makes a difference whether your manufacturer also has an in-house engineering team? In our 46 year history, we’ve seen many positions on either side of this argument. We’ve also seen just how ControlTek’s integrated manufacturing and engineering services have benefited ControlTek customers.

Below you’ll find our ‘short-list’ of just what your products have to gain by choosing a contract manufacturer with integrated design and engineering capabilities.

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Mike Hagen Joins ControlTek as New Principal Engineer

Welcome, Mike!

As new Principal Engineer, Mike Hagen will largely be responsible for hardware design including integration and verification for new electronic products.

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Whether Your Products Need a Little (or a Lot) ControlTek Design Engineering Can Help

That’s because when it comes to electronic product design, our design engineers have the experience and knowledge to ensure your products will be ready for successful production. And that’s true no matter what level of design support you’re looking for. Some customers come to us looking for a full design partner, one who can take their big idea and run with it. Others may simply be looking for a partner that can support their own internal engineering resources to complete the design process and move new products into production.

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Digital Manufacturing and Design Leading to Greater Manufacturing Innovation

ControlTek circuit layout

Once upon a time, circuit design and circuit assembly were done by hand, a time consuming process that could eat up project dollars and sometimes lead to design or manufacturing flaws. But a lot has changed in the electronics manufacturing industry, even in the last ten years, and these changes are now providing new opportunities for design engineering innovation, product design flexibility, and big savings in time and production costs.

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Are You Ready for IEC 62304? Software Development Takes On New Role in Medical Manufacturing

Andy LaFrazia

The recent IEC 62304 standard has gotten a lot of hype lately, as manufacturers throughout the medical industry grapple with what is quickly becoming the industry go-to for medical device software development. The FDA has adhered to the standard since 2008, and it has become normative for CE marking in recent years as well.

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Get More Out of Your Product Designs with Design Engineering at ControlTek

design engineering services

At ControlTek we understand that successful production begins with a well-defined design engineering process. ControlTek customers don’t just need a finished design; you need a finished design that offers a feeling of security, knowing that the end product will meet your requirements and withstand rigorous testing and end use.

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