AWB Washington in the Making Program is Working to Build a Stronger Washington


What does it mean to be a maker?

Following the global pandemic, the Association of Washington Business recently unveiled its new ‘Washington in the Making’ program.

Washington in the Making isn’t just a program, it’s a vision for our state, one that builds on the collective strengths Washington businesses embody - creativity, persistence, and courage - in the pursuit of economic recovery. Together, public and private partners are making a Washington that works better for everyone.

ControlTek is incredibly proud to do our part as one of Washington’s makers. And boy, do we make a lot! As an electronics design and manufacturing provider serving highly technical industries, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with many of Washington’s top innovators to design and build today’s most innovative and exciting products. Our integrated electronic design, manufacturing and EMS test capabilities empower us to build and create long term success for products that help people throughout our state and beyond.

Custom Electronics Design

ControlTek’s custom electronics design capabilities are not only extensive, they’re also completed by highly trained experts in our field. From electronic circuit design to microcontroller, sensor, and embedded systems design, our engineers develop many of the highly sophisticated systems found in today’s ‘smart’ products. These systems are found in wearable medical devices, wireless marine products, and even heavy industrial products. 

ControlTek's approach to design includes plenty of time upfront to understand our clients' needs. By making the right design decisions early in the design process, our engineers are able to ensure finished designs are ready for successful production.

Custom Electronics Manufacturing

Today's custom electronics manufacturing serves a diverse client base that spans industrial, medical, semiconductor, aerospace, military, and consumer products. The current focus on low to medium volume, high mix assembly creates opportunities for agile, flexible production. ControlTek's robust new product introduction process has helped us bring thousands of new products to market successfully throughout our 49 year history.

EMS Test Development

ControlTek’s EMS test development capabilities are one more important way we support our design and production capabilities to ensure successful, working products out in the field. Our dedicated test engineers are hard at work creating custom test strategies that meet product requirements without adding significant cost to manufacturing. Proper testing can make all the difference when it comes to product success, and is a major differentiator for ControlTek.

What Will You Make?

Here in Washington, we make great things and we are supported in these efforts by the “5 Pillars” of Washington in the Making.

  • A smart, creative workforce…. 
  • A business environment that includes policies that help us stay competitive…
  • Infrastructure that supports our workforce and the mobility of goods and people…
  • A culture of entrepreneurship and innovation across the state…
  • And a true community to call home. 

With all of these, we can only ask, “What will you make?”

Learn more abbout the Association of Washington Business and the Washington in the Making program.

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