Custom Cable Assembly

Custom Cable Systems

ControlTek designs and manufactures custom cables and cable systems that meet IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards to support a variety of applications:

  • Medical equipment
  • Aviation / Space and Defense (ASD) components
  • Automotive and Industrial products

ControlTek's Custom Cable Assemblies Include:

  • Power Cables
  • Communication Cables
  • RF Coaxial / Triaxial Cables
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Military Style Connectors
  • Wire Kits
  • Complex Wire Harnesses

Automated Cable Assembly

To better meet the needs of ControlTek customers we offer fully automated cable assembly services at our manufacturing facility in Vancouver, Washington. This allows us to quickly and efficiencly cut, strip, tin, and seal wire assemblies in a variety of wire gauges.

The increased throughput and efficiency of ControlTek's fully automated Schleuniger Crimping Center allows us to provide even more competitive services for cable assembly customers.

RF Cable Testing Services:

At ControlTek, we believe testing is critical to providing known good assemblies.

  • For Cables: ControlTek utilizes the Cirrus cable scan tool to verify connectivity.
  • For High-Speed RF Cables: The Anritsu Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is used to verify functionality, operation and characterization up to 42 GHz. 
  • Hi-Pot Testing: We also offer hi-pot testing up to 6,000 volts to verify compliance to insulation resistance requirements.
  • For Ground Bond Testing: Our GPT-9800 provides ground bond testing and support for electronic test recording.
  • Schleuniger Fully Automatic Crimp Center
  • Cirrus Cable Scan Tool
  • Anritsu Vector Network Analzyer (VNA)
  • AMP / TE Connectivity Cable Assemblies
  • Eubanks Wire Processing 
  • Glenair High-Performance Wire & Cables
  • JST Connectors
  • Molex Cables
  • Hirose Connectors
  • Souriau Connectors
  • Samtech Cable Assemblies
  • Phoenix Cables
  • 3M Wire & Cables
  • WURTH Cable Ties
  • Amphenol Cable Connectors
  • LEMO Connectorrs
  • Panduit Cable Systems
  • Raychem Connectors & RF Products

6 GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analysis
100 MHz-2.5GHz Vector Signal Generation
10Hz-4.4GHz Tracking Generation

  • VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) up to 42 GHz
  • Hi-pot (High Potential) testing up to 6,000 volts
  • Ground bond testing (ground continuity)
  • Crimp pull / tensile testing
  • Radiated Emissions Baselines via Shielded Screen Room